Welcome to this sneak preview of G·A·S·S, the innovative new project from Ginger Wildheart that is exploring an alternative approach to music making in the 21st century. G·A·S·S at its heart is a monthly singles club with 3 new songs per month available for download at CD quality.

We feature two of the recent songs, ‘What Would Henry Rollins Do?’ and ‘Ostracide’ as part of this G·A·S·S lite preview and hope you enjoy them. Six months into G·A·S·S there are 18 new songs available, with another 18 to follow over the remaining six months.

As you’ll see by exploring the site, there’s much more delivered every month than the 3 songs, with eight other boxes of content including 2 new demos per month, videos, podcasts, Ginger’s diary and much more to be discovered.

To upgrade to a full G·A·S·S membership visit: http://g-a-s-s.co/main/membership-account/membership-levels/ or for full details of what the different membership levels deliver, have a look at: http://g-a-s-s.co/main/

We’ve had a few questions from people wanting to buy G·A·S·S for someone else or to receive it as a gift. To arrange membership for someone as a gift, please contact gifts@g-a-s-s.co and we can help to arrange this.